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Layout Construction:  (click on pictures for full view)

July 2012:  

Progress on the layout has been pretty steady, the crew has been coming by pretty regularly on Tuesday evenings and needless to say, the superintendent is grateful!  With the NMRA 4d Summer Meet fast approaching (August 18-19) the goals shifted a bit from, just get this thing as far as we can, to let's get the Black Diamond area as close to done as possible and let the rest take care of itself.  Well, that meant a lot of time invested on one area by the super, yours truly, to get it going and get 'er done. 

Black Diamond is key, as it has two main features; the mine and Molzahn Bridge.  For those who are new to following the RGW, Dick Molzahn, who passed away a couple of years ago, was a very good friend to many in this area.  I considered him a great friend, a superb modeler and a true fan of railroads of all shapes and sizes.  In 1998 Dick surprised me with a hand crafted bridge built for my first RGW iteration.  It has never been put to use, as the first RGW never got far enough and this version is just now rounding into shape.  I have waited for years to put Dick's masterpiece to good use and today, by golly, It finally went into its intended location.

     From this:                            To This:                               And Now, This:

        So long ago I can't remember, circa 2008 I think.                 Progress and blue foam, lots of blue foam.                Finally complete!  Thanks Dick.  Miss You Friend.

I hope my friend is pleased with the result.  RIP Dick, you are truly missed.


Here are a couple of shots of the Black Diamond mine area. I ended up building this almost like a diorama, so it could be removed while areas were scenicked behind or around it.  I am well pleased with the result, with several more details still to go.

John Henry Mine Diorama nearly complete, front view.           Looking west toward John Henry Mine.


The blue foam is nearly 100% in, perhaps a couple more hours of work and it will be done.  I am excited by Scott's creativity on the tunnel portals below Franklin and will detail them as soon as he has them complete.  Doug is ripping it up in the base coat scenery painting, so the blue hue is about gone, thank goodness.  Finally, the Steel Viaduct built by Wain is done and we are putting the final touches on the base before going to town on the scenery for that area.  Once it is in, I will update photos on that too.  Until next time, thanks for checking in!


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