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January 2012:  

I just came in from the RGW after working quite a bit this weekend,  We were thrilled when Bill Messecar came by Saturday morning and pretty much completed the painting of about 90% of the visible track.  In fact, had the Superintendent actually had South Seattle Yard clean, instead of cluttered with work materials, it would have been done 100%.  The next step is the painting of all the turnouts.

There were a couple of milestones this weekend.  Obviously our first scenicked area was a big deal.  Wain Miller designed this rock cut and wanted to give it basic scenery.  So he did.  This gave us a 3 foot section to review for colors and textures and how they look in the provided overhead light.  We're proud to graduate from the Plywood Pacific!

The pictures below include the second milestone.  The second set of pictures shows the Upper Line above Renton Yard.  This is the south wall of the train building.  The Renton yard section is the only section of the original RGW we kept.  It was the first (and for several months only) section we put in.  We then painted the backdrop, starting with Mt. Rainier.   In an earlier update, we had a picture of this line after it was installed.  As a result, to finally put in scenery substructure on this line, is a personal milestone for me and very rewarding.

The other two shots are the Transition level scenery substructure.  The land forms here will be varied and hopefully entertaining to look at when complete.  This Transition level is a long run from the South Seattle yard to Renton.  It will provide our engineers with a pleasant run for upwards of 7 minutes as they climb the three levels to the Yard.

The middle tier of track, we call "Transition" starts to get its land forms.   A second look at the Transition level foam base.   Perhaps a milestone unto itself, the Upper Line above Renton was the first painted and now it has scenery base.   A look down the South wall toward the Franklin Junction.  Screnery substructure extends on the Upper Line to the end of the Renton Yard.

More to come soon.  Heck, Tuesday is but two days from now and that means more progress!


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