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Layout Construction:  (click on pictures for full view)

December 2011:  

Progress has been fast and furious here at the RGW.  We continue Tuesday night work parties and with as many as six on the crew, those 18 man hours per week give rise to one heck of a foam-out!  We ended up building a foam cutter based on a YouTube video and then purchased a total of three woodland scenics foam cutters in order to keep up with the pace.

The following photos are just some of the locations on the RGW getting the basic scenery land forms, we will post more as time permits.  Things are changing pretty rapidly, so I hope I can keep up with online updates.

Place cursor over the picture for a brief description.

Foam blocks set in place, will form the landforms in all areas.  Once they are test fit, they are removed one by one and sculpted to fit the desired terrain. In this shot, a rock outcropping forms a nice cut-through. In this scene, the foam is used "cake" style, the advantage here is that you can take up  larger sections at one time, in this case we will use the sections as pull outs for hidden track access. One of the pull-outs removed for reference. Scenery around Green River Gorge Bridge takes shape.   Scenery sub structure completed around Black Diamond Peninsula.   Tunnels completed on the route to Renton.   Panoramic shot of the North side of the layout.


More to come soon. 


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