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"Boxing Day" at the RGW nets new benchwork on the Northwest and North walls.
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March 2007 (2):  

With all do respect to our friends across the pond and our brethren due North of here, today was "Boxing Day" at the RGW.  While we are not celebrating Boxing Day in the true Brit or Canuck fashion, it is in a way a day to celebrate the next phase of benchwork construction.  We referred to our exploits of today as boxing day, as we built 8 boxes of varying length, each spanning a distance of 1 foot from the exterior wall.  We then proceeded to hang the boxes from the brackets we installed at our last work party.

The pictures below should give you a better feel for how our brackets were intended to work. The first pic is our stand-alone bracket, while the next two pics show installed boxes.  Our "bracket sandwich" includes two ends of opposing boxes with the 3/16" bracket between them.  The through holes are 7/16" in diameter and the center hole is 1" in diameter.  Threaded bolts, washers and nuts hold the sandwich together and the center hole is for running wire when we get to that point.


Steel plate was used to form our brackets.        The bracket sandwich, boxes on each side of the 3/16" bracket.        Boxes are mounted to brackets by threaded bolts.  The center hole will be for wire.


The first pic in the next series shows the boxes installed along the NW wall of the train room.  Those boxes that have been built were the ones that did not need any special construction technique.  The boxes that still remain to be built will require special dimensioning in order to accommodate either the space they will fit in (like the corners) or that may need some contouring in order to complement the need for additional aisle space.  The next pic includes a quick grade reference.  We put in a temporary riser and put down a 1x4 board to represent our grade as it exits the staging area and heads up to the next table.  The third pic includes the boxes on the North wall and the final pic is for your use as a reference as to what the area looked like before we installed the boxes.


   Boxes installed on NW Wall.        Temporary risers show how subroadbed will exit staging and head to upper table level.        Boxes installed along North wall.        For comarison purposes, this is shot before boxes installed.


In our next report, we anticipate all of the boxes will be built and installed.  That then leads us to our next hurdle, the construction of the "North Blob" as we affectionately refer to it.  You can see the drawing here.



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