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A completed Mt. Rainier on the SE corner backdrop.
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February 2007:  

Backdrop painting continued on the perimeter wall of the train room.  As of this entry, we have completed as much of the backdrop painting as we feel is necessary to move to the next phase of construction.   The painting is a combination of acrylic paints applied by hand using conventional brushes and an airbrush.  The acrylic was thinned 50/50 with water for use in the airbrush.  A small fan brush was used to dab in the tree tops after the hillsides were painted in with their base color.  If you have any questions about the techniques we used, please drop us an email.

As shown in the pictures below, the backdrop covers approximately 300 of the room, with only the extreme NE wall unpainted, as it houses the workbench and cabinetry.  While it is anticipated that additional painting will be necessary as we progress with scenery, it "feels" right to move back into construction at this point.

Other activities completed thus far include laying out the location of the NW and N wall table sections, as well as the NW finger table.  This was accomplished using a variety of tools, most notably the Cadrail drawing of the layout which provided the coordinates for reference points in the table sections.  We used those points to mark the floor and then played connect the dots with a long straight edge and a trammel where curves were required.  Once the floor sections were traced on the floor, we laid down masking tape to simulate the front edges of each table.  An example of that method can be seen here.  By following the practice, we can determine well in advance if we have issues with such things as layout design, spacing and aisle width.  Trust me, it's far better to spend the time playing with masking tape, than to build a table section, only to find you can not maneuver around it.

We also reviewed the grades we have assigned in Cadrail and then put them on the wall to get a visual taste of the flow of the track.  This gives us a sense of where table sections might need to be adjusted to compensate for risers and it also gives us a quick look at where the track is really headed and where we might want to adjust the grade to ensure track reaches its appropriate destination.  In this photo, you can see the grade lines we have placed on the wall.

Finally we completed the day by determining where we will mount our hanging brackets for the NW and N wall table sections.  Our goal is not to have a single table leg along both of these stretches of the layout.  In our next entry, we will detail just how this will all work.


SE Corner backdrop painting.        SE Corner Closeup.        NW Conrer backdrop painting.        NW and North Wall Backdrop.        Closeup of mountains painted on N wall.


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