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Southwest Finger table complete with staging level plywood base.
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January 2006 (1):    

The last couple of weekends we made great strides on the southwest finger table and the two other table sections that comprise the southwest corner of the layout.  As you will see in these photos, the basic construction technique is to create a box of 1x4" dimensional lumber, in our case, pine.  From that box, we will use risers to provide the base for our subroadbed.  On the finger table itself, the Chief Engineer and I have agreed to use Linn Westcott's tried and true method of L-girder construction, with a minor twist.  In our case, we will eventually make use of special construction brackets rather than rely on the 1x2" horizontal portion of the "L".


New table sections exiting the Renton yard.          Westerly view of finger table.          Sothwestern view of finger table.           Complete view of SW finger table and the entire SW corner.          Staging level plywood base added to table section.

Our first picture gives you a close view of the box construction of the southwest corner tables.  You will note that the table that connects the finger to the wall unit is at a different height.  This is to accommodate the height of the cross members we will use in the L-girder process.  You can also see that we have attached the lower staging yard table to the west wall.

The second view is designed to give you a better look at the staging table.  We have attached temporary legs to hold up the outer edge so that we can put weight on the table when we attach the plywood base.  Ultimately we will  place the legs where they are best fit.

The third and fourth views give you the same basic look, only from different angles.  You might also wonder why we have elected to angle the upper table back to where it attaches at its western most location.  We chose to do this because our main track is descending below the table and we need as much clearance as we can to ensure nothing impedes that tracks descent.

The final view shows how we are going to lay out the staging table.  Our intent is to have a six track staging yard and a complete reversing loop at this level.  This level is at 26 inches above the floor and the track will circumnavigate the entire railroad.  You can review the staging level here.

Our next step will be to attach the plywood base and to cut the outer radius where we will eventually hang our fascia board.  Once the plywood is attached, we will put down a homasote base and the track.


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