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 Mike Petty calculates the height of Southwest finger table as prelude to connection to West wall table section.


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Layout Construction:  (click on pictures for full view)

December 2005:    

As reviewed in the October update, the use of CADRAIL's object information feature allowed us to dimension the table sections on the floor in masking tape.  Our latest work sessions involved the construction of the framework for the Southwest Finger Table and the transition tables from the in-place Renton Yard.  As you can see from the pictures, we have engineered this table to fully support two full railroads, the primary visible railroad and the staging tracks that will support operation on the RGW.  We have elected to scenic many areas of the hidden staging yards and access tracks so that the visible experience to the visitor will be enhanced and will provide the operator with more opportunity to follow the progress of his/her train.


Westerly view of SW Finger table.  This table section will contain multiple layers of track.  At 26" will be a semi-hidden staging yard that will run around both the West and South walls to connect the Seattle Yard with the Pasco Yard.  The upper table will be 100% visible track and will be the home of Black Diamond.                    Another view of SW finger table, this one looking Southward.                  Mike Petty surveys the "fit" of the latest table section in SW corner.


Our next step will be to add stringers from the eastern edge of the table to the southwestern wall table.  These stringers will be 1x4 L-girders that will then support north-south cross-members, which will form the base for risers to support our subroadbed.

If you look carefully, you can see that we have also notched the Renton Yard table to begin supporting the turntable, which is visible on the floor in the background.


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