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The first table section sits in its new home. 


The Home and Design of the RGW....

This Page Currently Under Construction (Literally)

Train Room (Shell)  -  Train Room (Interior)  -  Layout Design

Layout Construction:

June 2005:

The layout is always a work in progress and this page will be devoted to updating that progress.  For review purposes, while there are numerous sections remaining from the initial design, much of that layout will ultimately be scrapped for key parts. 

The benchwork is made of pine and all joints are made using a biscuit joiner.  The lack of mechanical fasteners is a personal choice, but those who have spoken of the finished product have raved about its strength.  At one point in the prior layout, we had two people up on the benchwork to prove that exact point.  All subroadbed is made from 1/2 inch plywood and the roadbed is a product called California Roadbed, formerly known as Homabed.  Track is code 83 flex, with Atlas being the primary source.  Turnouts are from Atlas, mostly Custom Series, No. 6's.  We do make use of curved turnouts from Shinohara where needed.

All turnouts are thrown mechanically using Tortoise switch machines with a modified throw mechanism and are controlled using toggle switches embedded in the fascia of the benchwork.  The operating system is Lenz Digital and din plugs are placed every 3 feet for ease of use and accessibility.

As of this update the only section of bench put in place is the main Renton Yard that was taken down intact from the prior layout.  Here is a look at that section in place (looking toward the southwest), the control panel for the automated lighting system and the layout of the main Renton Yard:

The false floor was constructed to assure safety of operators crossing over the step in the concrete floor.     Master lighting control center will ultimately have timers that turn the room from day to night.     Renton Yard, preserved from the original RGW layout.

The next section to go into place will be the southwest corner, this includes the addition of a Campbell Scale 134' turntable.  We will update this page as that takes place.


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